The Dancing Monk -3

Travelling in Bhutan we visited the Bhuddist National Memorial Chorten, consecrated in 1974 as a monument to the progressive third king and to world peace and prosperity. The golden spire on top glinted in the sun, bells tinkled in the wind, and an endless procession of people circled clockwise around it, turning the prayer wheels.
 Amoung these were monks, including some young boys in training. 
 Our guide stopped one of the children, asking if he would demonstrate a ceremonial dance for the visitors. The child looked bashful and reluctant, but with a little persuasion suddenly sprang into a short twirling dance, then stopped, smiled shyly, and ran quickly away.
It was a wonderful start to an amazing trip.  

 The image of the circling procession, turning prayer wheels, and the child's whirling dance stayed with me, and inspired 2 pictures in the next months. I had a very successful exhibition the following year at The Ox Market in Chichester, which I called "The Dancing Monk", and the first picture, which I later sold, was chosen as the Picture of the Month for the Christmas edition of Sussex Life.

Kezia Noel-Paton:


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