The beauty and variety of the Georgian countryside was rivalled only by the warmth of our welcome from the guest houses where we stayed..

We travelled from grasslands broken by ridges of rosy-red outcrops, to valleys reaching far into the Caucasus range with distant snow-covered peaks and villages with strange tall thin towers, to the high upland plateau in the south-west where the turf-roofed cottages burrowed into the hillside for shelter from the wind.

There is no lack of material for the artist, only the difficulty of deciding where to begin!

I started with the region near the monastery of Davit Gareja and the frescoed caves of Udabno, went on to the serrated Tolkein-esque mountains near Kazbegi [Stepantsminda], and then to the high plateau and Lake Paravani.
There will be more to come - - -  



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