Following semi-retirement from general Practice in 2001, I enjoyed several Short Courses at West Dean College, which encouraged experiment and freedom of expression. For 3 years after this I attended a weekly drawing class under Piers Ottey at The Mill Studio, Arundel, which sharpened my powers of observation and control. Since then I have been working to assimilate the (sometimes conflicting!) ideas and techniques involved, and also developing my own.

My earliest years, and many subsequent holidays were  spent in North Wales, giving me a love of mountains and sea. A lot of my inspiration comes from travel, both in this country and in more exotic locations, and much of my work is landscape.  My digital camera is always with me; I don't copy photos and only use my own, but find them invaluable as reminders of shapes, texture, composition, and to a lesser extent, colour. I build my own photo reference library, with folders for "skies", "figures", "trees", etc.

I use many media and especially enjoy mixed media, as one can make use of the serendipity of happy accidents
Colour excites me, and I keep a large number of paints, inks, and pastels of every sort.

Kezia Noel-Paton:

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