We saw the Mythago Morris Dancers at a festival at Knepp Castle in Sussex last summer.

This striking group of dancers, musicians, and storytellers from Sussex have enlarged and embellished the image of Morris dancing by their innovative costumes and themed dances based on old English myths and legends. 

The dancers are masked; the bells are not forgotten, and in conjunction with their massive biking boots, they make a truly memorable picture!


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  1. Dan Hughes avatar
    Dan Hughes Aug 17, 2014

    Lovely paintings! Thankyou for sharing! I assume you are maybe a relative of Duncan Noel-Paton? I was at CH from 1990-95 and he was my Drama teacher.

  2. Kezia Noel-Paton avatar
    Kezia Noel-Paton Aug 18, 2014

    Yes indeed - my husband! Thank you for getting in touch - are you one of the dancers by any chance?