'Much have I travelled in the realms of gold,
And many goodly states and kingdoms seen - '  [Keats]

The Okavango, Sossusvlei, Kaya Koy, Pamukkle, Doubtful Sound, Bhutan, the Sahara, Khevsureti, and Koh Samui, the ancient Egyptian temple at Dendera, the Greek island of Karpathos, a shop sign in Barcelona, Tower Houses in Georgia, Doubtful Sound in New Zealand, Saklikent Gorge in Turkey, and an impression of an evening in Rajasthan.
I love to travel, and together with my husband have visited many exotic and out-of-the-way places which have inspired my "diary" pictures.

These originals are seldom for sale, but from mid-February to Mid-March 2014 a number will be on display at The Capitol Theatre, Horsham, where  they may be purchased as Giclee Prints.  


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