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Fantastic Fishes

These acrylic paintings were inspired by the amazing images of fishes on Google. They do not try to accurately depict any particular species but to explore their shapes, colours, and textures, and the play of light through water.


fish, red and blue

Fantastic Fish, 2
Acrylic on paper, 38x27cm

dragon, lancet fish, blue, green water

Fantastic Fish, 4
Acrylic on paper, 38x26cm

Green-blue fish swimming in sea with bubbles

Fantastic Fish, 1
Acrylic on paper, 38x27cm

Cuttlefish, cephalopods in turquoise sea

Acrylic on paper, 30x30cm
[Sorry, these are not fishes but they do look fantastic and fit best on this page!]

fish, lionfish, spiney fish, blue water

Fantastic Fish, 3
Acrylic on paper, 38x27cm

golden fish, shoal of silver fishes, turquoise water

Fantastic Fish, 5
Acrylic and metallic silver on paper,

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