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Small abstract imaginative pictures

Postage is FREE in the UK

fantasy, imaginative, acrylic flow, dragon, colourful


Acrylic on stretched canvas 30 x 30cm


wavw, breaking wave, foam, silver, turquoise

Sparkling Water

Oil on stretched canvas,

30 x 30cm


trout, stream, water, reflections, green, acrylic flow

Trout Stream

Acrylic on stretched canvas,

30 x 30cm


goldfish, golden, fish, waterweeds, stream, watery


Mixed media and collage

on stretched canvas,

30 x 30cm


Shows back, relative size, and display possibilities of pictures

 These are painted in oil or acrylic on stretched canvas, 30 x 30cm.
The paint continues over the top, bottom, and sides of the canvas so that they do not need a frame unless you want one. There are fixings on the back, and they are ready to hang. Since the paint is not water-soluble they can be displayed in a room that is steamy at times such as a kitchen or bathroom.

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