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Kezia's Story:
Portrait of Kezia Noel-Paton, Sussex Artist
R 29. Llyn Idwal, winter - 40x50cm - watercolour on paper.jpg

I have always enjoyed painting; my mother was an artist and some of my earliest memories are of a Saturday children’s art class she organised with friends from the Canterbury College of Art.

During WW2 we were in North Wales and have frequently returned there for holidays. Mountains and sea often appear in my pictures. Back in England my Primary School teacher commented ‘You always put blue hills in the background’ – but of course I did.

R 36. Wave patterns, Harlech Beach - 33.5x44cm - acrylic on board.jpg
R 8 Sam 28.5x24cm - acrylic on board - 1980.jpg
R 7. Kate - 28.5x24cm - acrylic on board - 1980.jpg

I studied medicine and then did hospital ‘house jobs’ for 3 years which left little time or energy for painting, although in Brighton I did develop a love of the South Downs, and painted the first of many pictures of the Seven Sisters!

General Practice and 2 children followed and when I had time to be creative it was mostly to do with making costumes for my husband’s dramatic productions, painting furniture, or gardening.

R 2. From Birling Gap - acrylic on paper - c. 1966.jpg

As the children grew older we had holidays in the Scilly Isles and then further abroad; I seized the opportunity to sketch and take photos, and returning home, I started a long succession of photo albums to which I still return at times in search of ideas and inspiration.

R 5. St Agnes, Scilly Isles - 29x39cm - acrylic and watercolour on  paper - c. 1980.jpg
217. Goreme - mixed media on paper - 48 x 36cm - 2014.jpg
17. Teschu Dancer, Bhutan, 2 - mixed media on paper - 52x35cm - 2006.jpg

I have had no formal art education but retirement brought the opportunity to attend weekly drawing classes with Piers Ottey at The Mill Studio, teaching me discipline in ‘looking’, and several productive and very enjoyable ‘Short Courses’ at West Dean which helped me to free up and experiment.

I was a member of Horsham Artists from their very start and shared the excitement of watching the group grow from its beginning to the lively and efficient organisation it is today. Sadly, I can no longer physically take part in their autumn Art Fairs and summer Art Trails but I learnt a great deal from them about exhibiting and marketing my work, and made many good friends.

R58. Reflections in bathroom tiles  - 38 x 47cm -pencil on paper - 2004.jpg
Kezia Noel-Paton exhibiting at Horsham Artists' Fair
476. Leaping Fish - acrylic on paper - 39x29cm - 2023.jpg

I continue to paint, and enjoy weekly stimulation and new ideas from ‘Ella’s Art Class’ which I attend with my daughter [who is also an artist].

I am reasonably computer literate and now that I can’t get around so much I am exploring selling online and discovering the joys and perils of Social Media – I love learning!

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