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Small Panoramas

Oil on stretched canvas, 20x50cm

cornfield, South Downs, harvest, gold, panoramic

The South Downs above Steyning


Paintings of the South Downs National Park, Sussex

vineyard, vines, grapes, South Downs, Chalk, panoramic
fields, chalk, South Downs, downland, pastoral, rural, panoramic, Wilmington

Looking East from Wilmington


A New Vinyard at Chalk

[Presently on exhibition at the Montague Gallery, Worthing]

downland, South Downs, chalk, fields, rural, cloud, panoramic

Sun on the South Downs,

Storms over the Weald


cornfield, harvest, chalk, South Downs, panoramic

Looking East from Berwick


sunset, downland, chalk, cornfield, harvest, Berwick, panoramic, rural, fields

Looking West from Berwick

[Presently on exhibition at Montague Gallery, Worthing]

coast, chalk, cliffs, Seven Sisters, South Downs, panoramic

From the Seven Sisters to Seaford Head


Imaginary mountain scene with stormy clouds and patches of sunlight.

Coming off the Mountain


Four imaginary views painted experimentally and freely with oil and cold wax.

Stormy waves beating up against rocky cliffs.



Snowy mountains and moorlands half hidden by dramatic clouds.

Winter Landscape


Sunlight through overarching trees which make a tunnel in woodland.

Light through Trees


The paint continues over the top, bottom, and sides of each canvas so a frame is not required unless you want one. There are hanging fixtures on the back and they are ready to display on a wall or stand.

Shows the relative size of the picture compared to a mug.
back of the picture
how the picture might appear when hung

Since the paint is not water-soluble these picture can be displayed in a room that may be intermittently damp such as a kitchen or bathroom.

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